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Pay Day!


When you make a sale, you now have money pending in your account, which will be released to you when you ship the order. To see your account balance, go to You > Settings > Kid Bucks.

Your next step is to purchase a shipping label (see above) or enter a tracking number, which you can do on the Order Summary page in the App. (You > Orders > Sales) Kidizen requires that you purchase a Kidizen-provided shipping label or enter a tracking number in order to get paid.

Once you have shipped your Order and the label has been scanned, your funds (sale proceeds less the Kidizen marketplace fee) will move from Pending Kid Bucks to Redeemable Kid Bucks.

You can then use the Redeemable Kid Bucks to make a purchase on Kidizen, hold onto it to pay for postage for your next sale, or you can
cash out to either PayPal or a bank account.

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