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Shipping an Order


To maintain a positive shopping experience, we ask sellers to ship within 5 days after an order is placed, though we highly recommend shipping within 48 hours maximum for optimal customer satisfaction.

Need more time to ship? -- Just ask!

Since refunds aren't issued until requested by the buyer, communication is key. So, if you need additional time, you can select the Delayed Shipment option under the Problems/Order Inquiry tab on the Order Detail screen (see image below). This will generate a pre-populated message to the buyer (you can modify this message) informing him/her that you need more time. In most cases, buyers are fine with the delay so long as they are aware of the situation. However, if the purchase is time sensitive, they may choose to request a refund.


Don’t forget tracking -- It’s required for all Kidizen orders and it’s how you get paid!

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