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Making a Purchase


See something you want?
Tap “Add to Cart” at the bottom of the listing to put the item in your cart while you shop.
Keep in mind others can cart this item too, so it’s not yours just yet!

See something you have to have?

Add it to your cart and tap View Cart (or tap the cart in the top corner when you are ready to checkout). Each shop will have its own checkout, and its own discounts. Be sure to look over your items carefully and ask any questions you need to ask prior to making that purchase. Sales are considered final unless otherwise specified by the seller.

Choose your preferred payment method, double-check your shipping address, leave a note with the seller, and tap “Place my Order” to complete the sale.

While you wait for your lovely parcel to come in the mail, you can check on your order status by tapping the Orders tab in your Profile and tapping the order you want to check on. Tracking is included, so you should get tracking updates within the app.

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