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How does Kidizen choose other featured collections, mamas and photos?


Editors' Picks for "Community Collections", "This Mama" and other features are based on various criteria:

  • We discover Collections by looking through #s you post that have approx. 40+ listings in the collection and the listings represent the best stuff on Kidizen as determined by the same criteria for featuring shops/shop listings.
  • We choose This Mama weekly by going through Gallery posts tagged #thiskidizenmama and finding those members that have Galleries with consistently great photography of their kid's style and personality.
  • We choose photos for all features by searching our Gallery for great shots. We try to represent boys/girls/styles/ages/seasons and more while selecting the best kid photography on Kidizen.We do not use photography outside of the Kidizen community because we believe that our brand is best represented by our members' photography. Please see Terms for more info about photo usage.
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