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May 24th, 2022: New Shipping Rates Effective June 1st, 2022


To our Kidizen seller community, 


In January, USPS increased its shipping prices across the board for all customers. Each year, shipping carriers review their pricing and make adjustments to their shipping rates. Effective June 1st, 2022, we will be adjusting our shipping label prices in accordance with this increase. The new prices will be as follows:


First Class:

Less than 8 oz. = $4.50

Less than 12 oz.= $5.50

Less than 16 oz. = $6.50


Priority Mail:

Less than 5 lbs = $10.00

Less than 10 lbs = $16.50

Less than 20 lbs = $23.50

Flat Rate Padded Envelope = $8.95


Additionally, packages over 1 pound will now have volume requirements in addition to the current weight requirements. USPS will be weighing all packages and also measuring all packages over 1 pound. Any package found without an adequate label will receive an underpaid postage charge which will be charged to your Kidizen account. Here are the labels with their new volume requirements:


Extra Large Label: < 5 lbs and < 172 in³

XX-Large Label: < 10 lbs and < 518 in³

Jumbo Label: < 20 lbs and < 864 in³


Cubic inches can be calculated by multiplying length x height x width. For example, 12" x 10" x 2" = 240 cubic inches. 


We are seeing a lot of underpaid postage charges and want to let you know how important it is to weigh your packages. USPS is weighing all packages and if your package is found to be over the weight of the label on the package, you will be charged. After 3 underpaid postage charges, there will be a $2 penalty fee added to each additional charge. 


If you are not familiar with how underpaid postage charges work, visit our FAQ

To learn more about our label options and to help with dimension sizes, visit our FAQ


Along with shipping label changes, we will be adjusting our cashout fee policy. Bank cashouts will continue to be free of charge. Due to increasing costs of Paypal cashout fees, we will be implementing a fee of $0.25 to sellers for every cashout to your Paypal account.

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