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Giveaway! Create & Share A Gift Guide


This holiday, encourage your friends and family to give greener by creating and sharing with them your own Kidizen Gift Guide. Winners will be drawn at random Friday, Dec 2nd, Dec 9th, and Dec 16th, 2022. 5 winners will win a $20 Kidizen credit each! Each collection and each share to friends and family (outside the Kidizen App) counts as an entry. Each Gift Guide collection must have at least 10 items and have “Gift Guide” as part of the title. BONUS: We will be featuring our favorite Gift Guide collections in the Kidizen app and on our social networks!


Here’s how to create a Gift Guide: 


  1. Shop the Kidizen app and find the first item you want to add to your gift guide. Scroll down towards the bottom and tap on the Add To Collection box > Create New collection.

    IMG_7707.jpg IMG_7708.jpg
  2. Give your collection a name and include Gift Guide in the title. Tap on the blue check to create your collection.
  3. Continue finding items to add to your collection, each time adding it to your collection by tapping on Add to Collection > Tap on your Gift Guide collection. 
  4. You can share your collection with your friends and family by tapping on your collection and then tapping on the box with the up arrow > Share to My Networks > and choosing SMS, Email, Instagram, or Facebook.

Winners will be connected by message in the Kidizen app. Thanks for spreading the word to give a little greener!

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